Race report by Kellee.

From the weather report it was going to be a perfect weekend all across Florida so I was all in ready to finally take on an entire weekend of racing. Arrived in Bartow at the Road Race start about 9:00am. Got warmed up by about 10:20 headed to the coral where I saw a familiar face, Sam Morrison from Velobrew Team. Also saw some of the same faces from The Swamp Classic RR, Jan Burger and Diana Molnar of WCC, and Advanced Cycle Rider Chastity as well as the Orlando Road Club. I lined up in front with Sam and the whistle sounded. I headed out and pulled the group the first 2-3 miles. This was not my strategy of just sitting in until lap two. So I slowed off and finally Jan took the lead. The first lap was definitely a cat and mouse game to see who was going to attack and if it would stick. By close to the 5th or 6th mile Chastity took off and it took everything I could to hang on. We lost half the girls at this point. Once we had started loop two winded and trying to settle back in, Jan made a move and no one could catch her. The rest of the second lap was 9 of us girls all going back and forth with small attacks but nothing to break up the group. Once we made the last turn we had about 1k to go with a nice slow steady climb. We all started to increase our speed and then it was a full sprint to the finish. I took the inside and that was a mistake as I got caught behind another girl and couldn’t get around her. Finished in a respectable 7th place. Second-Tenth were all less than a couple seconds.

Next up was the TT. My triathlon background came out and I crushed it. Felt like home on my aerobics. Came in third but made up a bunch of time finishing in 21:24 with the forth place girl Monica :16 behind.

Then the next day it was crit time. The last crit I had completed up in Milwaukee Wisconsin I crashed. So I still had that lingering on my mind. Warmed up and rode the course a couple times and was actually really excited as the course was going to be a lot of fun. Lined up with pretty much the same field from the Road race so I knew it was going to be fast and furious. The whistle sounded and we took off. Jan, Chastity, Monica and I were in the lead the majority of the race. There were several attacks and I believe it was again Chastity who created the break from the rest of the pack. So the five of us girls rode for a majority of the race all taking turns on pulling. Jan was pulling the last two laps so I just hung on her wheel until the last turn where we took off in a full on Sprint. I had a clear inside line and went for it gave it my all and holy cow I took the W just beating the rest of these strong ladies. It was one of the most fun crits I have completed. So for the entire weekend I took third!

Shout out to my Delafina Ladies who were there in spirit cheering me on! I knew you all had my back out there!

WIN in the crit!