Race report by Lauren


The day of racing was off to an amazing start with a women’s field of more than 35.  The weekend of races at the Chain of Lakes Cycling Classic marked a big milestone for Florida Women’s cycling, as this event featured a separate field for the Cat 4 for both the Road Race and Crit.

Before the start of the Pro/1/2/3 race, the race promoter, Tim Molyneaux from Topview Sports, held the ladies for a few extra minutes and gave a few words of advice and encourage; the energy was great! The Cat 4’s would start about 5 minutes after the rest of the women’s field.

And then the Pro1/2/3 field was off.  The race started right out of the first turn with a few attacks, but nothing really stuck.  Then about halfway through the first lap, Jeanine made a move and I covered her attack along with 2 others.  And quickly the lead group became four.   My teammate, Rebekah played solid defense in the chase group and helped my group stay away from the field.


Rebekah patrolling the field


Out of the first corner of the second lap, Jeanine made another move, and again I covered.  This time when we looked back, there was a growing gap from the two other girls.

Lauren in the break


For the reminder of the 25 miles, Jeanine and I worked together well and rode strong, soon the two other girls were completely out of sight.  I’m pretty new to road racing, with Chain of Lakes only being my fifth race.  I had never been in a two-women break, let alone in the position to win a race!  I was just excited to be in this position.  With about 600m to go, Jeanine came around me and I couldn’t cover this attack, I dug deep but couldn’t quite get there – the official gap was 1.7 seconds.  Wow that was fun!





My biggest takeaway from the weekend was how strong and supportive the women’s cycling family is of each other.  It was great to see a couple of local Jacksonville Velobrew junior riders, Hanna Duffey and Samantha Morrison, getting ready for the Cat 4 race.  Also a huge shoutout to our host, Diana Molnar, for letting us crash Friday night and completing her third road race!  I love the positive energy that surrounds Florida Women’s Cycling.


Thanks to Stradalli-Wizard Devo Team for their pictures!