Eline Eckroth

# years riding: competitive about 1, for fun about 5 and used to be forced to ride to school, barn and job

Dream destination to go ride: everywhere!! Doing a France trip in August to mt. Ventoux so pretty excited about that 

Favorite post race food: ha! Anything you’ll feed me.. But it usually winds up being Pringles on the car ride home

What song best describes you: so I have a song picked for each my horses but never one for myself

Day job: dressage training 

Hometown: born in Almere but grew up in Raerd the Netherlands. Live in Ocala now.

If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would you be: Anthony Bourdain!

Hobbies outside of cycling: riding horses, but made that my job, and knitting if I ever have time for it

Mantra: F* it, have fun!