The road race:
With jitters and the feeling of about to throw up we all lined up. Being the first road race of the season for me and actually the first road race EVER I had no idea what to expect. I met my teammates Marie, Sara, and Hillary right before the race. Hillary and I warmed up together and then we we got back to the start and waited. Marie pointed out the UCI Pro Erica when we were waiting in the coral and that got my stomach really turning. The whistle sounded and we took off. I was so nervous I could not even get my right foot clipped back in until a couple seconds in. I thought “ok this is not a crit just stay with the peloton” as I did. I got situated in the middle to back of the peloton and pretty much got stuck (my fault). I sat and surged when they attacked (12 times in the first 40 minutes to be specific – Marie) and just stayed tucked in the whole race. Granted this was the first race for me and I knew my training during off season was off I knew an attack at this point would not last so I just settled in. I was not pushing big watts and I was playing conservative which I was ready to attack but just opted to play safe being race one. Hillary and I had to get around a crash at 1km to go, which threw us off the front group and we finished a decent 8th and 9th. The darn crash was right in front of us and poor Sarah got taken out. Just glad she was ok! First road race jitters are now gone and I’m really looking forward to racing with Delafina all season!

Antje TT’d later in the day and placed #1!

Per any criterium in Florida, we started out with a fast bang as the girls in the front attempted to drop as many riders as possible within the first lap. I was stuck behind a group who could not bridge the gap. I went up to pull but as we turned into the final corner the head wind was too much to bear as I pulled off the front to pick up the draft and recover. Our chase group was within feet of the peloton and as we all approached the start/finish the lead group picked up the speed again. A group consisting of myself and about five others chased for the reminder of the race picking up girls who were spat out the back only to drop them again from our chase group. We finished the race in a group sprint exhausted from the 40 minutes of racing!
Antje, Hillary, and Sarah finished with the front pack – Antje securing 3rd place in 1/2s with Hillary and Sarah grabbing 2nd and 4th respectively in Cat 4. Marie fought hard and secured 7th in the cat 4s. Safe to say DelaFina definitely made their presence known!
(Marie & Hillary)